FRRSM Privacy policy

1. Description of user information disclosure:
1.1 Respecting users' privacy is a basic policy of FRRSM. Therefore, frrsm will never disclose, edit or disclose its registration data and non-public contents stored in frrsm services without the authorization of legal users, unless there are the following circumstances:
(1)Relevant legal provisions or frrsm legal service procedures;
(2)In case of emergency, in order to protect the rights and interests of users and the public;
(3)In order to protect frrsm's trademark right, patent right and any other legitimate rights and interests;
(4)Other circumstances requiring disclosure, editing or disclosure of personal information;
1.2 FRRSM has the right to use the user's personal information under the following (including but not limited to) circumstances:
(1)During promotion or lottery, frrsm may share the user's personal information with the sponsor. In these cases, frrsm will prompt before sending the user's information, and the user can terminate the transmission process by not participating;
(2)FRRSM can match user information with third-party data;
(3)FRRSM will describe frrsm's services to future partners, advertisers and other third parties and for other legitimate purposes by disclosing aggregate user statistics;

2.Scope of privacy policy:
(1)Personal identity information left by the user when logging in to the service server;
(2)Various information transmitted between users and other users or non users through this service server;
(3)Various information of other users or non users shared by the service with business partners;

3.Information disclosure and sharing
FRRSM never intentionally disclose, lease or sell the user's personal information and information to any third party. Except for the following circumstances::
(1)The user himself agrees to share information and information with third parties;
(2)Only by disclosing users' personal information and information can we provide certain products and services required by users;
(3)It shall be provided at the request of the subject providing products or services on behalf of the company (unless otherwise notified by us, such subject has no right to use the relevant user's personal information and information for purposes other than the provision of products and services):
Provided in accordance with the requirements of laws, regulations or administrative orders; Provided for external audit needs; The user violates the terms of service or the use regulations of any other products and services; According to our assessment, the user's account is at risk and needs to be protected.

4.Cookies、Log files and webeacon:
By using cookies, this service provides users with a simple and personalized network experience. Cookies can help us determine the pages and contents connected by users and store such information. We use our own cookies and webeacon for the following purposes:
(1)Remember the user identity. For example, cookies and webeacon help us identify users as our registered users, or save users' preferences or other information provided to us;
(2)Analyze users' use of our services. We can use cookies and webeacon to understand what activities users use our services for, or which web pages or services are most popular;
While using cookies and webeacon for the above purposes, we may provide a summary of non personally identifiable information collected through cookies and webeacon to advertisers and other partners to analyze how you and other users use our services and use them for advertising services< Br > users can reject or manage cookies or webeacon through the browser or user selection mechanism. However, please note that if users disable cookies or webeacon, we may not be able to provide you with the best service experience, and some services may not work normally.
(3)When you use the service of this website, our host will automatically record the information and information sent by the user's browser when accessing the website. The host log information includes but is not limited to the user's network request, browser type, language used by the browser, date and time of the request, and one or more cookies that can identify the user's browser.

5.Account deletion application
The user has the right to edit the user's account information and information in frrsm at any time. The user can also fill in the relevant application documents and request to cancel and delete the personal account. However, the user unconditionally agrees that after your account is deleted, the information and information in and related to the account will still be retained in the file records of this website, except as specified in Article 3 above, FRRSM will keep users confidential.